Business Strategy


In this section you will find my thoughts and ideas that seem promising but are not fully formed. They are the e-version of “back of the napkin” doodles.

In addition,there will be links to articles and sites that are novel and interesting

This first post is a sample of these  e-doodles. This space will be updated frequently.


Some interesting links:

Envisioning  Strategy visit this electronic napkin.

Back of the Napkin book by Dan Roam.Must listen to the audio on this site.

A visual way to discovering great musicA great visual way to discovering music that one likes but may not have heard.

Infoesthetics  “Where form follows data”

Discovering patterns in data in the chaos of real-life

This is a fun video for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Wine flavor visualization

Visual thinking interfaces

Paul Krugman\’s prescription for the economy