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VCs who are using social media tools effectively.

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VC Blog Directory


Future of Twitter

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Brilliant and thoughtful analysis

Understanding financial crisis in three minutes

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Financial Crisis explained in three minutes

Is the Dow reflecting our lack of trust in our leaders?

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The Dow Jones index keep hitting new lows each week. How much of this recent decline is because of a lack of trust and confidence in our leaders, both political and business, and how much a reflection of the underlying economic conditions? Perhaps the answer is revealed by taking a closer look at GE. If GE is a bellwether stock and GE is a bellwether company then the answer is a lot, as this examination of GE by Joe Nocera in the New York times points out . And, if the recent decline is a reflection of a lack of trust then perhaps we have reached a bottom based on fundamentals, now our leaders have to earn back our trust before the Dow Jones begins to reverse direction.

Behind the Curtain at GE

Our loss of wisdom

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Wise people are made not born

Google next victim of Creative Destruction

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Will Twitter destroy Google?

This bailout is great!

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One man\’s point of view

Where did all the money go?

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A great explanation of where all the money went, and how big the bailout problem really is!

Do you Twitter?

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What is Twitter worth?

How we dealt with past recessions

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Interactive, graphic look at past recessions