5. Porter’s 5 Forces Insight

Porter's Insight

Porter's Insight

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This segment covers Porter’s insights into factors driving profitability of an industry. It has articles/links and video on Porter’s 5 Forces framework.

Porter on 5 Forces

Porters-5-forces an excellent summary overview of the concept of 5 forces. This write-up augments video interview with Michael Porter.

What is Strategy? A must read article!! This is a comprehensive article by Michael Porter detailing the distinction between strategy and execution.

Porter's 5 Forces Visualized

Porter's 5 Forces Visualized

Porter's 5 Forces visualized 2

Porter's 5 Forces visualized 2

A good “how to” paper on   applying Porter\’s 5 Forces concept.

This is a good primer on Banking Industry Analysis and the impact of Porter’s 5 Forces framework on banks.

Lecture Slides:

What is Strategy? Lecture Recap slides

  1. I’ve never heard Michael Porter speak before. It was nice to finally get the inside perspective on the Five Forces from the author himself. Always a good reminder to never view competition too narrowly.

  2. I agree with Scott that getting to listen to Mr. Porter himself was very insightful. The video clip really helped understand the history of the 5 forces and how Mr.Porter came up with them. I had no idea that they have only been around since the 1970s.

  3. I particularly enjoy Porter’s opinion that Operational Effectiveness is not strategy because it will eventually be mimicked by other companies. Companies therefore must focus on the strategic competitive advantage.

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