5. Porter’s 5 Forces Insight

Porter's Insight
Porter's Insight

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This segment covers Porter’s insights into factors driving profitability of an industry. It has articles/links and video on Porter’s 5 Forces framework.

Porter on 5 Forces

Porters-5-forces an excellent summary overview of the concept of 5 forces. This write-up augments video interview with Michael Porter.

What is Strategy? A must read article!! This is a comprehensive article by Michael Porter detailing the distinction between strategy and execution.

Porter's 5 Forces Visualized
Porter's 5 Forces Visualized

Porter's 5 Forces visualized 2
Porter's 5 Forces visualized 2

A good “how to” paper on   applying Porter\’s 5 Forces concept.

This is a good primer on Banking Industry Analysis and the impact of Porter’s 5 Forces framework on banks.

Lecture Slides:

What is Strategy? Lecture Recap slides

3 thoughts on “5. Porter’s 5 Forces Insight

  1. I’ve never heard Michael Porter speak before. It was nice to finally get the inside perspective on the Five Forces from the author himself. Always a good reminder to never view competition too narrowly.

  2. I agree with Scott that getting to listen to Mr. Porter himself was very insightful. The video clip really helped understand the history of the 5 forces and how Mr.Porter came up with them. I had no idea that they have only been around since the 1970s.

  3. I particularly enjoy Porter’s opinion that Operational Effectiveness is not strategy because it will eventually be mimicked by other companies. Companies therefore must focus on the strategic competitive advantage.

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