This blog is designed for and by students in the Strategic Management class at the Graduate School of Business at Pepperdine University. This is where students come to enhance and enrich their in-class learning experience; and engage in the creation of the content that is here (and learn by doing).



This is work-in-progress (and will always be)!

The  following resources will be used extensively in this course :

Weekly Lesson Plan This is an interactive lesson plan. It will be updated each week.

1) This blog. Each tab in this blog corresponds to a key concept in this course. The weekly lesson plan  (see link above) gives a visual display of the topics that will be covered in each class.

2) Lecture slides (powerpoint).

3)Delicious bookmarks

The bookmarks related to this course will be found under smehro/MBAM619.

4)Dabbleboard for serious doodling

You can start your exploration  by clicking on the tabs above. The tabs are organized sequentially and follow the order in which the subject is covered in  class.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow..Big change..And it really looks nice. Compared to the previous site, the space has been utilized effectively and content looks MORE organized..! Thanks

  2. Really like the new design, Professor. Clean and easy to navigate. But I did like the photo of Sambuca’s Cafe in NYC’s Little Italy as I went to college in New York! Never had a chance to ask you why you chose that picture for your last design…

  3. Scott,

    thanks. My son goes to NYU and when we visit him we go to Little Italy, and the picture just reminded me of that area in NYC,

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