This page will focus on strategic issues related to starting a company and being an entrepreneur.

What do VCs look for in evaluating a business idea/plan;

Visionary Founder: If an entrepreneur truly has vision, he or she will lead a start-up to a compelling market.

Huge Potential Market: “Potential” market is key here. We are not looking for a complex analysis of big, existing markets, as we realize that existing companies can serve them if they are this obvious. But the potential for a huge outcome must be present, even if the path is uncertain and likely to change.

Unfair Advantage: What is the most defensible element to your business? It can be a technology advantage, a business model advantage, or a network effect, but it must be real.

Low Capital Requirements: In our view, the most sustainable technology companies (such as Microsoft, eBay, Google, Cisco, Yahoo, and many others) paradoxically consume very little capital on their way to immense profits.

Stanford lecture on creativity

Learning from failure an entrepreneur\’s story : lesson’s learned

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