Strategy in the news

Here you will find breaking news about strategic challenges being faced by companies today!

Music Industry Timeline and its evolution. This is a great pictorial on the evolution of an industry with excellent links to the strategic issues facing the music industry.

The making of Lego\’s new strategy, identifying the challenges and opportunities.

Zipcar story from Fortune magazine…Perhaps the most interesting new idea in business.

Microsoft-Yahoo deal commentary by Jason Calacanis and response by Fred Wilson. Excellent dialog on strategy.

PEST (P): Anti-trust concerns may block the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster

GE and Intel seek out an opportunity in home healthcare

China\’s Electric Car strategy…world dominance

HP\’s publishing experiment

This article on HP is interesting at several levels: 1) it is a new business model 2) it is a strategic response by HP to PEST (in this caae Technology) changes effecting its printer business 3)It is encouraging to see a large company be innovative (entrepreneurial)

History of Saturn

Just in (03/30/09): IBM to acquire Sun…culture clash?

When companies merge culture differences come to the fore

How the Internet is changing the video game industry

TiVo and Blockbuster partnership

Softer side of Video Games

A new business model for newspapers? Will this model work?

Strategy in Action: Walmart\’s strategy for economic downturn

An excellent interview with Ann Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox. Worth reading for a perspective on leadership, company culture, lessons learned from failure.

Finally, a thoughtful and balanced analysis of the root causes of the financial crisis, the events that led up to it and a prescription for solving it. This analysis is thoughtful and well reasoned and stays away from the blame game or the catchy sound bites that are being passed along for in-depth and thoughtful analysis.

Panic of 08 and its root causes

Walmart’s use of PEST to identify a new growth opportunity

A new business for Walmart

Music Industry incumbents strike back, erect barriers to entry:

Example of barriers to entry

More breaking news on the row between Youtube and UK’s music industry

Other digital new entrants weigh-in on this row

Strategic moves by Schering-Plough, Merck and counter move by J&J

Could J&J derail Merck and Schering Plough merger

Move, Inc. CEO Webcast to analyst about its approach to developing its Business Strategy. Please do take the time and sign-up to listen:

Webcast of the new CEO at Move, Inc

Starbuck’s strategic response to a changing economic scene…worth reading

How Starbuck\’s is changing its strategy to adjust to the new economic realities

Worth watching….Wallstreet Meltdown on Youtube

Walmart to close Sam\’s Clubs in Canada

How Nestle’s is capitalizing on a trend (PEST analysis) while enhancing its brand (value creation) through innovative product, pricing, channel strategy and marketing (value creating activities)

How Nescafe creates value

Why eBay should refocus its strategy

Walmart profits beat expectations !

value creation activity of a high-end brand B&O

Please note how much detail and effort B&O (a high-end Consumer Electronics brand) puts into its ebrochure to give the brand a high-end cache. The catalog re-inforces its position and strategic focus on the high-end market. B&O also has a store on Rodeo drive.

Sirius, Clear Channel and Muzak facing the music of excessive debt

One thought on “Strategy in the news

  1. Very interesting article about Merck and Schering-Plough. I never knew about a “reverse merger” until reading this piece from Thanks for posting Prof. Mehrotra.

    Loved the youtube video about the Wallstreet meltdown. What a great time to be graduating looking for a job in financ!!Restructing looks to be a good field now I guess…..

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